• Territory Alignment

    Building and maintaining an optimal field force is critical for a business profitability. A field force not aligned to market opportunities can quickly erode profits, generate customer dissatisfaction and impact field force engagement. Optimise your territory structure and your resource deployment with Metis.

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  • Increase Revenue

    Identify coverage gaps, untapped potential and other opportunities to gain market share and increase your sales revenues. Our past projects show that effective optimization can drive 2-7% in incremental sales growth with relatively minimal investment.

  • Reduce Costs

    Provide optimal resource coverage and reduce travel cost to improve your bottom line. Our research shows that, in most cases, optimal coverage can reduce costs by 8-12%.

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  • Save Time

    Get your new territory structure up and running in 3 business days instead of weeks and save 80% of the time it takes to realign territories.

  • Boost Productivity

    Create efficient territories placed in the right location and provide equivalent and attainable business opportunities for each representative. Less travel time enables reps to spend more time on the field with customers. And More realistic targets equal more motivation.

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